Bryan W. Lewis

I work with a very talented group of friends at a start-up called Paradigm4 on SciDB. SciDB is an open-source array-oriented database.

I prefer to forage, and I enjoy many mushrooms, other wild foods, and living simply.

Everyone working on scientific computing problems should consider using R, a wonderfully powerful and expressive system for computation and visualization.

Send electronic mail to me at:

  • GNU/Linux utilities for IQFeed (download) iqfeedutils.tar.bz2. A set of basic utilities to get DTN IQFeed up and running in Windows-free GNU/Linux environments, as well as facilitate communication between Linux quant boxes and Windows IQFeed boxes. A new Redis-based utility is included that is very effective at processing level 1 market data.
  • bars: A companion stream processor for DTN IQ Feed that builds real-time minute bars from streaming market quote data.
  • Ratlab, tools for foolin' with R and Octave (or Matlab) together.
  • A newer Java applet illustrating the dynamical motion of the zeros of the partial sums of the exponential function (from work with Richard Varga and Amos Carpenter).